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I heard about this frog. it's a very tiny frog, but it's also very special. You can only find it in the jungle, so far away from you. But if you find it and if you touch it, your world can change forever.

If you touch it's skin, you can feel your body changing and your vision, also. Blue becomes red and red becomes blue and your mommy suddenly becomes your daddy and everything looks like a giant cupcake and you keep laughing and laughing and laughing. Nothing is ever quite the same, really. And after you finish laughing, you can turn into a frog yourself. It's very funny to be a frog. You can dive into the water and cross the rivers and the ocean, and you can jump all the time and everywhere

Do you want to play with me? We can be a whole group of friends, a whole group of frogs jumping into the streets, jumping into the planet, climbing buildings, swimming in the lakes and in bath tubs. We would be hundreds, thousands, millions. The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen, jumping and laughing forever.
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  • Песня просмотрена: 341
  • Публикация: 2015-12-04
  • Продолжительность mp3: 04:07
  • Название : Raconte-Moi Une Histoire
  • Певец: M83
  • Рейтинг: 0
Raconte-Moi Une Histoire M83

Видео: M83 - Raconte-moi une histoire (audio)

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